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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

San Antonio Blend~~~

I love coffee! I love all kinds of coffee and coffee drinks. Yesterday I was at Starbucks, I cant pass one without getting my vanilla latte. Iced in summer, hot in winter. Keep in mind this isn't real often because I dont live in the city. So, I make coffee alot at home, it is just a passion I have. Anyway, I found a new blend that they have called San Antonio blend. It is a blend of two bold coffees. I had it this morning and it was delicious. I also love tea. I have the obligatory pitcher of sweet tea in my fridge. Thats just part of being southern!!


Heart 4 My Home said...

Southern Sweet Tea.... a MUST have in my icebox! It really must be a southern thang...not one of my family comes over without asking for a tall cool glass of that liquid refresher. I don't know about you but I prefer my tea to be 90% sugar and 10% tea! *grin* Now that's sweet tea.


Gloria Chadwick said...

I LOVE coffee. Gotta have it first thing in the morning and all day long! How totally cool that there's a San Antonio blend. But of course, as you well know, San Antonio is a really great city!
I wrote a cookbook -- Foods and Flavors of San Antonio -- that will be published next Spring and will be launching a San Antonio foodie blog as soon as the cover is ready. I'll put you on my blogroll since you serve up great San Antonio-style food.