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Monday, October 13, 2008

Introducing..drumroll please!.........My beautiful family!!

These are my three precious ladies.

This is my wonderful husband and me!

I just wanted you all to finally see them after me talking about them. My husband is 42 this month and he is a sales manager for the east coast. He works for Abraham of North America and
his company imports dry cured ham. What most of you call Prociutto. Its quite delicious. But most of all he is the best father any kids would be lucky to have. They just dont come any better.
My girls are all special in their own way. They keep us beaming with pride. My oldest has a job at an office for Tax Appraisers. She works full time downtown, Lauren is very proud of what she does and she does do it well. My next child Sara is a full time student at Incarnate Word College also downtown. She is taking some great classes she loves that challenge her. She lives in a dorm
up there and she is enjoying her alone time. She does like me to load her up with leftovers whens he goes. She said its better than the cafeteria! Now my youngest is our firecracker and she proves it with her flaming hair. Her hair is just the most beautiful shade of red. We cant even go
to the grocery store and someone will say something about her beautiful hair. Shes strongly opinionated but we have learned she loves to get her opinion out there and then thats it. They are just smart girls I just cant wait to see where this adventure takes us and I get to see who they will become. I am extremely blessed to be their mother and my husbands wife!!
Have a wonderful evening!!


Kristy said...

Simply BEAUTIFUL!!! All of you.

Jen said you weren't feeling good today so I hope you start getting better.

Love, Kristy

Mommy's Kitchen said...

What a beautiful family Joan. I love the new look to your blog, keep up all the great work.

Kristy said...

Hey Joan I tagged you, so go to my blog and play!!!

Heart 4 My Home said...

What a lovely family you have there. I just adore looking at family photos. It really brings to life the people/families that we read about in each others blogs.

Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting with me at my blog home.

As far as using anything from my blog to pass to friends or such....NO PROBLEM AT ALL! I am so honored that you would ask.