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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bobbys Nachos

Good Morning! I hope everyone is having such beautiful weather as I am, wherever they are! I just wanted to show everyone what goes on in my kitchen about 3 nights out of the week. Being from South Texas we eat alot of Mexican Food. Whenever we are out of town it just kills us because I think our area has the best all around. We make it alot around here and I hope to show you more recipes in the future. But right now, I want to show you our "snack". All we
do is get a plate and place a layer of corn tortilla chips. (We usually use Tostitos brand) We spread each chip with refried beans and then place squares of milk cheddar cheese on each one. Then we cut a clice of jalapeno on each. Place these in the microwave just until the cheese is melty (my word). The reason he doesnt grate the cheese is because it needs to be thick and kind of stay together. We are addicted to these things. My husband also makes the best guacamole which I will post soon! Try these whenever you can, I promise you wont be disappointed!!

Have a wonderful Day!!!


Mommy's Kitchen said...

Those look so good i never would of thought to add refried beans. I always have homemade refried beans left over. Thanks Joan

Lauren said...

I must say these were quite delicious last night! Dad knows what he is doing!