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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a great weekend. My oldest daughter and I, and two of our dear friends, Tisha and Kirsten took a road trip this weekend. We went to Canton Texas for their monthly trade days. It is 100 acres of shopping fun. We stayed in a cute little bed an breakfast on a mountain. Although the booths at trade days closed about 6 pm, our mountain we stayed on came alive at night. We shopped until after 10 pm, went to a quilt auction, found a restaurant with comfort food and had massages. Although it was alot of walking we had a great time. Tisha even purchased her new daughter, Kallie Nicole, a schnorkie. She is half schnauzer and half yorkie. She is the most precious girl! She is 11 weeks and the cutest pup you have ever seen. She was such a good girl in the car on the way home. We found this wonderful pie shop and stopped in there not once, not twice but about 4 times to try different pies. They were homemade and we devoured them. We got alot of great finds and bargains and Kallie got some great toys and a new bed and blanket. Lauren found some really pretty things for her room. If there is anything, and I mean anything, you are looking for this is the place to find it. Here is a few pics from the weekend!
Have a wonderful day!

Tisha And I with our empty carts.

Lauren and Kirsten with all of the yummy pies.

Lauren and I at the pie shop.

Tisha, Lauren, and Kirsten at our favorite spot on The Mountain.

Kirsten and the new baby Kallie Nicole

Kirsten and Lauren ready to shop!

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Kristy said...

What a guy your married too!!!!! Hey cleaned your carpets!!!! Please tell him thank you for letting me use the machine!!! I too had alot of shopping fun at Target with our two angel girls!!!! Canton sounds like so much fun!!! In November we are going to Harwin (sp), and I am so excited. Anyway I was just checking in. Love ya.