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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I am SUCH a winner!!!

I had to share with everyone that I was the winner of a contest over at http://www.southernplate.com/.

I won the cookbook she was giving away. Let me tell you, I ripped it open like a crazy girl when I found it in my mailbox and I have been glued to it ever since. This is the most helpful and wonderful book! As you can see in my picture I have yellow stickies marking all the recipes I am going to try. I have a grocery list made up and I will be "a cookin'" this weekend. I just want to say THANK YOU to Christy over there and all you cooks should check out her site. You wont be disappointed! You can also get your own cookbook there too!

Have a super day!


Southern Plate said...

Joan! I just love you, I JUST LOVE YOU!!! You've made me beam so bright I'm going to have the utilities turned off!!

Thank you so much for your wonderful kindness, I'm so thrilled you like the book!!!!!!!

Mommy's Kitchen said...

Hi Joan, congrats on winning the cookbook. I have the Southern Plate cookbood as well, it is one of my cherished books in my collection heck it even has its own little wooden stand in my hutch because i think its that special. I cant wait to take it out of town to my Mother in law over the holidays so she can browse through it.

Gloria Chadwick said...

Congratulations on winning the cookbook. It's always a happy day when you have a new cookbook filled with wonderful recipes.
You've also won an award at my blog :)