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Sunday, October 19, 2008


I have a request from all you foodies out there. I am looking for two things.

  1. I had a cherry cobbler this weekend at a restaurant that was just wonderful. When I chewed it, I am sure I heard angels singin! It had a crust on top with coconut and pecans. Anyone have a good recipe for this? I would love to have a "tried and true" one.
  2. All of us southerners have potato salad with our BBQ. I have one I ALWAYS make. What do you guys season yours with?

    Thanks!! Hope to hear from ya'll.


Gloria Chadwick said...

Hi Joan, Thanks for coming over to my blog. It's nice to meet another foodie from San Antonio. We'll have to get together and compare notes.
What restaurant had the heavenly cherry cobbler? Maybe you could ask them for the recipe.
The first time I went to a barbecue here in Texas, I brought my "famous" potato salad, but my daughter was grilling chicken for fajitas so the potato salad didn't go over too well. LOL

Mommy's Kitchen said...

Your right potato salad is perfect with BBQ. Here is my recipe I got from a friend in San Antonio. I had her salad with what else BBQ Brisket and i fell in love with her salad. I make it this way all the time now.

Potato Salad
Boil Potatoes and let cool. Add chopped onion, salt, pepper and Sweet Relish. (I have never measured anything)
After mixing the above add 1 capful of white vinegar over the mixture. You can add 1 or 2 cut up boiled eggs but that’s optional. For dressing us 2 parts Miracle Whip and 1 part Mustard? Taste until you have the right combination. It always turns out good.