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Monday, November 17, 2008

Easy Sausage Strata renamed "Kirstens Breakfast Casserole"

My daughter Lauren has a sweet friend that she works with named Kirsten. She turned 21 last week so I made this casserole for Lauren to take to work. I think it would be a great casserole for Christmas morning or Thanksgiving morning because it is one you prepare the night before so it can sit in the fridge overnight. I used regular wheat bread but I think it would be great with day old croissants. I am all about how something smells when it is cooking and this smelled really good. My dream is for my house to smell like Williams-Sonoma. I like to just go in there and smell!! Strange, I know. I recently just bought a small crock pot and I have been putting oranges, lemons, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, a little ginger, and just about any spice I think would smell good with that. I even added some fruit juice. I had a couple packets of spiced cider mix and I threw that in. Ever since I was a little girl I can remember getting great comfort from good smells wether it was clean sheets, fresh mown grass or just my grandmas house. Talk about getting way off track! Back to the recipe. Try it and let me know what you think.

1 pound pork sausage
6 slices bread, cubed (or whatever you want, biscuits may be good too!)
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese (I used sharp and it was good)
6 eggs
2 cups milk
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon ground dry mustard

Brown sausage, drain, and set aside. Layer bread cubes, sausage and cheddar cheese in a lightly greased 7 x 11 inch baking dish. In a bowl, beat together eggs, milk, salt, and mustard. Pour the egg mixture over the bread mixture. Cover this and refrigerate at least 8 hours or overnight. Remove casserole from refrigerator 30 minutes before baking. Preheat oven to 350. Bake for 45-50 minutes until knife inserted in center comes out clean. Let stand 10 minutes before serving.

Spread the bread cubes over the bottom like this.

Layer the sausage and cheese.

Pour the milk mixture over everything and refrigerate.

This is the baked cheesy casserole. Smelled and looked delicious!


priscilla said...

yummy, that does look delicious. casseroles on a chilly night are the best!

Lauren said...

This was very tasty!! Thanks mom!

Joan said...

Priscilla-I agree, here in Texas it is finally cooling down!

Lauren-your welcome baby doll, thanks for always being my food tester!

Teresa Cordero Cordell said...

Hi there Joan. Thanks for stopping by. This casserole is going to be made by me for Christmas morning. (I'll just prepare it the night before!) Sounds yummy. Tamales. They can be a pain to make. That's why we have Tamaladas. You invite a bunch of people over to help make them, then they can take some home.

Heart 4 My Home said...

As usual, I visit here and my tummy starts growling! *grin* This is a definite "gotta make" dish. Thank you so much for sharing it.


Live.Love.Eat said...

Hi there. I love breakfast casseroles and this one looks delicious. I make one and posted a long time ago but not with my own pic so I made it again with a pic and will post in the next few days. Thanks for stopping by!!!!

♥Reeni said...

That looks scrumptious! I'd love to wake up and pop one of those in the oven for breakfast, Yum!