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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Biltmore!! Yea!!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that I am going to be away for a couple of days. My husband is taking me and my middle daughter Sara to Asheville, North Carolina tomorrow afternoon. We are going to tour the Biltmore Mansion. We have a tour reservation for friday evening. It is a all lit by candles, firelight and christmas lights. There will be ballerinas, nutcrackers and carolers. This place is supposed to be beautiful as well as the grounds. I have read there is a rose garden and a winery, and the stables have been turned into a restaurant. Our tour friday night is by headset but saturday we get to explore on our own. There is actually 4 restaurants and you can also eat inside the house in their dining room. (That one is supposed to be fancy). We have always thought of Sara as a little victorian girl all her life. I'm not sure why, she just has that aura about her. I will be sure and post pictures when I get back. I also have a couple of posts I havent put together yet but you can look forward to a pot roast, potatoes and carrots when I get back!!
Everyone have a great weekend!

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priscilla said...

sounds like fun! hope you enjoy it!