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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Went on a little trip...

Hello, everyone! I have missed you all! My husband, myself, my oldest daughter and her boyfriend went to San Francisco. My husband had a food show there so we tagged along to see the sights while he was hard at work. In addition to the usual sights, Alcatraz (great tour by the way), shopping in Union Square and China Town, we came across this neat little farmers market down by the fishermans wharf. Since I am drawn to all things, food, cooking and kitchen I made a beeline for this place! I say little but it wasn't. It was huge. It had the most beautiful vegetable I think I have ever seen. They were all grown within 25 miles of the market.

I found a man down there that was grinding his own flour. This is the package I bought. It has a delicious looking recipe on the back for Buttermilk Whole Wheat Pancakes. I can wait to try this!

There was a long building behind the market that was full of gourmet foods and kitchen stores. My favorite:

Good Grief! I love this store. I had heard about it but never had been to one! Love it Love it!!! If you are looking for any gadget, cooking pan, or just fun stuff for your kitchen then this is the place to go. I really could have stayed in there and spent lots of money but the kids wanted to see other stuff. Those crazy nuts!

This was the hall with all the kitchen shops! There was even one with nothing but kitchen antiques. I was getting creative trying to figure out how to get the stuff on a plane!

One shop really intrigued me. It was nothing but mushrooms. All kinds. Any kind of mushroom you could think of. This was called a mushroom farm. They had them in different varieties. You just keep them in the kitchen and just hack em off as you cook! Neat!


Frugal Home Living said...

I have heard of Sur La Table before but have never been there. Is it like a William Sonoma store?

Glad to have you back!

Joan said...

Ooh, I love Willims Sonoma too but it is so pricey! This is not quite so high end. This store seems to have alot more to choose from. Although they still have alot of European lines like WS. I guess thats where all the good chefs are?!
Thanks for coming by Sweets!