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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Latest Passion

Fire King Dishes. A division of Anchor Hocking. They quit making this stuff in the '50's. It is what diners used back in the day. I have been collecting this for about a year and I have had a blast. I have gotten all my stuff an ebay and I love getting in the bidding wars! This comes in other colors to but the Jadeite is my absolute favorite although I am determined to get me some pink ones too!


Frugal Home Living said...

How pretty! I have a friend who collects the jadite kitchenware. It's so pretty. Love your pieces.

Teresa Cordero Cordell said...

I love the dishware. My grandmother left me all the rose crystal pieces she had collected throughout the years. I love them. So glad you're a collector.

Joan said...

Frugal Home Living-Sweets-I have decided to call you Sweets from now on. LOL. Thanks for the nice words, I really enjoy being a collector!
Have a wonderful day!

Teresa-You are so lucky! What a wonderful inheritance.There is so many pretty patterns. I can spend hours on ebay looking at all of it. Love your chinese food post! You have a real talent girl!

Love you two!