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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Build a Gingerbread House Party!

This past weekend my girls decided to invite their friends over and have a Gingerbread House Building Party. We all had so much fun! My husband and I made wassail and made sure everyone had a cup and we just took pictures and laughed so hard our cheeks hurt. Once the kids got started they all became very competetive. The younger girls kinda had partners and they were snapping at each other and it was so funny. Here are some pics. I wish I could show you all of them but I would be here all night downloading! This is the highlights.
Jena and Sara with a few of the decorations! We had tons. We went through about 10 boxes of graham crackers and pounds of candy, frosting and marshmallow cream.

It was fairly neat before they started but by the time they were finished it was everywhere including all over the kids!

Smiling pretty for me! L to R: Ryder, Alissa, Chelsea, Jena, Matt, Astrud and Emily! I just love these kids.

Sara and Jennifer. The college girls.

The finished houses. I thought they turned out great.

I had to show you this one. It was Alissa and Ryders. It is so funny, it looks like a doublewide!!


Kristy said...

Astrud had so much fun, she loved it! Next year is our turn ok, we will do it at our house! Thank you for doing this. Making memories is what its allo about.

Love you

Lauren said...

This was so much fun!! I loved my little house!

Joan said...

Kristy-I loved doing this and we should make it a traditon. I think everyone had a good time. Talk to you soon!

Lauren-You and Travis were too funny! I am so glad you had a good time.