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Monday, September 14, 2009

Stuffed New Potatoes

I went to a party last week and the host had some fabulous appetizers. I really could forgo any meal if there are great appetizers. I love to be able to munch and visit more than anything when you are with people you havent seen in awhile. These little bite sized stuffed potatoes were so tasty I kept sneaking them. I didnt get the recipe so I just made up my own. These little savory bites are really versatile. I kept thinking they would be really good with some chorizo sausage (mexican sausage with a strong chili powder taste) mixed in. First, I slowly boiled them until they were tender.Then I used a melon baller and scooped all the insides out and saved that to mix in with the filling.

I added some cream cheese, butter, garlic, cut up some chives, and then added some season all and whipped it until it was light and fluffly.

I put them in a 425 degree oven for about 20 minutes, just until toasty across the top. They were really delicious. The best part of this is you can experiment with other things too. Add, bacon, cheddar or even some flavored cream cheeses. Go ahead, experiment!


jessicaacruz said...

Everything you cook looks so GOOD ! ! I need you to come cook at my house. Thanks for all the great ideas!


Mommy's Kitchen said...

Those look really good Joan. I can eat appetizers as a meal in themselves. How are you doing?

Keeper of our Home said...

WOW! Those are certainly yummy looking. I am definitely going to have to make these.

~Mrs. M

Joan said...

Jessica! Thanks for stopping by it is so great to hear from you.

Tina, Thank you for coming by, I am doing great! Finally back into posting my recipes. Love this little cool down in the weather. Makes me want to cook fall things!

Nichole, How are you doing?

Cooking With "K" said...

these are great for a party...they look so yummy!