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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This summer my daughter Jena and I were on our way home from Wal Mart. We live in the country so there is a road we go down that is not very populated. There are some houses but they are kind of off the road. It was one of those beautiful Texas days in July when the temp. was hovering around 105. I mean it was hot. We were riding along talking and all of a sudden we both notice a puppy on the side of the road up to the top of his head in stickers and panting like crazy. My daughter tried to convince me it belonged to someone on that road but I just couldnt leave it there. I am so glad I didnt. Jena opened the passenger door and he just hopped in. It was almost as if he were waiting for us. He had alot of stickers on him but he didnt smell or anything. We came home and we made flyers with his picture on it and our number but no calls. I know in the country alot of people dump dogs (I swear, I better not ever catch anyone doing that or I will not be responsible for my behavior!) Well after just a little while we all fell in love with this sweet natured, very smart pup. He is now a part of our family and I hope he will be forever. This may seem silly to some but when I look at this dogs eyes I know I was meant to find him that day. He is completely potty trained and loves our other animals and even plays with the cat!

Introducing CHARLIE!!

I think he likes us too!


Pixie said...

that is one lucky pup!

Cheryl said...

I agree with Pixie, lucky little guy and he is adorable to boot!

Lauren said...

I love this!