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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Apron Fashion Show

I wanted to show you all my aprons today before I post my planned recipes today. I'm not sure why, I think its because I am in love with my apron model. This is my baby Jena. My 16 year old baby. She very sweetly indulged me as I had her put on each of my aprons and let me take pictures of her. She even paused the movie she was watching. Gotta love her. The first one I am going to show you I received at my bridal shower 23 years ago from a dear friend. Its kind of worn but that just adds to the charm!
Look a little closer...Joan is usually not an easy name to find. This also had a pot holder to go with it but I am not going to show you that. Its very very worn and even has a smell about it.
This one I got in Canton, Texas at the trade day. A lady there had these and they are made by apronality. I posted about this in a previous post.This one I got at Target, it is almost like wearing a full party dress. It just feels good on. The skirt is nice and full and the colors are beautiful.
This one I ordered from Amazon.com. It is the basil polka dot. I first saw it on Sugar Pie Farm House. Please go check out her blog! You will fall in love with her and want to read the entire blog. Her house is fabulous but what you really want to look at is her pantry. It is the coolest pantry I have ever seen. She does a review on this apron and you have to watch it! I couldnt help but go straight to Amazon.com and order it! I especially love the ruffles!
Thank you so much Jena for being my awesome apron model!!! And also a big thank you to all of you reading this blog, I wish you all could come over for coffee!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Hey Sweets! Cute aprons! Stop by my blog and click on Swapdex on my side bar. You will find a TON of great swaps! They are really too much fun!:) I would love to be your partner someday!:) Lori

Mommy's Kitchen said...

Those are cute joan, I think i like the green one the best. Cute model!! LOL

Miss Sara said...

I LOVE that target one!!! When did you get that?

Kristy said...

I would have to say also that your model is just gorgeous!!!!!

LOve you, Kristy

Lauren said...

This is sooo funny! Now i see what you two do all day!

蚵仔麵線Jeff said...