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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Make your house smell wonderful!

I wanted to share a little trick that I use around here when I want to make my house smell good. All to often we have oranges, lemons and apples that just dont get eaten up. So I just take them and cut them up into chunks. I bought this crockpot around christmas time for $4 at walmart! I use it as a pot pourri pot.
Chop them up and pack em in there.

I add cinnamon (which you all know is my favorite) and nutmeg and ginger and a big amount of cloves because I have determined that makes the most unbelievable aroma. We are going to play a little game called "picture imagery". You need to imagine you see the cinnamon in the picture. Warning: We will probably play again soon. sorry.

Add as little or as much as you feel is right for your area. I load mine down because I can fool people into thinking I am in there whipping up some great dessert, then I hand them the oreos.
I fill up the top with apple or orange juice if I have some or if not I just use water. It works just as well. A few red hots work great too!