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Monday, April 6, 2009

Bobbys Ranch Burgers

I know that we are from Texas but I think we are weird. We dont like huge hamburgers. We dont like going to places where you order a burger and they bring out this monstrous thing that has a pound of meat on it. But actually, ever since my husband starting making our burgers like this about 5 yrs ago we dont like restaurant burgers as much as these. They are so tasty! It all began when my middle daughter had her friends over for her birthday one year and she wanted burgers. We didnt want just a regular burger so he thought of this. They are the best tasting burgers you will ever put in your mouth. We make ours to fit on a regular bun so that leaves some room for fries!Here is what ya need: Ground hamburger meat, bacon and cheddar cheese. Now really, doesnt that combination just sound yummy?

Chopped up bacon, cooked about halfway through.

Put your meat in a bowl.

Cube your cheddar into small cubes. Dont just grate it or it will cook away..

These are the only seasonings he uses. Salt, pepper, worcestershire sauce.

Mix it all together and form your patty. Whatever size you like.

These right here are the best buns!!! But use whichever kind you like.

Grill your patties to desired doneness.

These are just perfect!! The taste is just right.
This recipe really is just one that gives you an idea. Use the amounts that fit your family. We only used a couple of pounds of meat and about six slices of bacon and eight ounces of cheese.
Adjust to your family accordingly. Salt, pepper and worcestershire to suit your taste.


Mommy's Kitchen said...

Oh wow Joan those look tasty. I am going to make them next time we grill burgers. You know what they say everything is bigger in Texas, but it is just not true for everything.

Cheryl said...

I totally agree on the burger situation I use the smallest buns I can find. I love this recipe I am going to try it next time!

mysteryhistorymom said...

WOW! They sound amazing! My family would love these! Lori