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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

True Love Waits!!

My youngest daughter Jena, who is 16 years old has been participating in some classes at our church. The program is called "True Love Waits". She has made the commitment in front of her parents and the church of "saving" herself until marriage. My husband and I feel so blessed to have her as our daughter. Sometimes when we are talking about this particular commitment she has made we really just dont have any words to say how lucky we feel.
This is part of her group after the service on Sunday. Keep in mind this is only PART of the group and we were at 2nd service. There was another big group of kids at the early service.Showing off their "True Love Waits" rings.

This is Jena and her two besties. They have been friends from when they were tiny girls. Jena is on the far left. Emily is in the middle. Emily and Jena had went to the same caregiver when they were 2! They have been great friends ever since. Astrud is on the right. Jena and Astrud met each other the first day of 1st grade. They were like magnets to one another. They became friends that day, and have been ever since. I am so proud of these beautiful girls.

This is my husband and myself putting Jenas ring on her finger during the ceremony. Sorry for the "chest" shot. Please remember, pics do not capture the true image sometimes!!!!

Jena! Emily! Astrud! We are so proud of you and love you very much!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Such a special evening. You and your daughter are so pretty! I know that you are SO proud of her- and you should be.:) Lori

Cheryl said...

That is so amazing, how proud you must be!

Kristy said...

This just brings tears to my eyes , I am so proud our girlies!

Love you, Kristy