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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Homemade Butter

Hello to all my friends! I have missed you! I have been enjoying the holidays and I hope all of you did too. I am always secretly happy after the holidays. Life is just simpler getting back to some sort of schedule and getting my house back in order. I absolutely love to decorate for the holidays but I also like to deep clean when I take everything down and it feels like a fresh start. My daughter is getting married in about 4 months (gulp!) and I am sure I am going to eating, sleeping and breathing wedding. We are doing well and I think we are on schedule but when I start to stress out about anything my relief is to get in the kitchen and cook. I have SO many recipes that I want to try from many blogs. My stack of recipes is getting thick! My news years resolution is to try to master homemade biscuits. The best biscuit I have ever had in my life is at the Pioneer Flour Mill, The Guenther House right here in San Antonio. They are beautiful and tall and dreamily light! If any of you have any pointers or helpful hints I would love to hear them. Of course you cant have a great biscuit without some really good butter (Not margarine. In the words of a dear friend of mine "Who is she anyway?") I made some butter today and you all must try it. It is so easy and its the perfect quantity if you are having a nice meal. It makes two small dishes. One for each end of the table.

This only has two ingredients, unless you want flavored butters (honey, fresh fruit, garlic herb) then you would add your ingredients for that at the very end. Today just plain ole creamy dreamy butter.

I poured in a whole pint of heavy whipping cream and about 1/4 teaspoon of salt into my food processor. You can also use a blender or just put it in an airtight container and shake it. I ended up adding a little more salt at the end and it tastes perfect.Put on the lid and process about 5 minutes.

When it has "lumped up" and gets very thick open the lid and pour off the liquid and put in your desired containers.
See here. One for each end of the table.

I got exactly one cup of buttermilk that I poured off the butter. Wish me luck for turning this into the biscuit of my dreams. Ha!
Homemade Butter
I pint of heavy whipping cream
1/4 teaspoon salt.
Place ingredient into your blender or food processor and blend for about 4-5 minutes until the solids look like butter. Pour off the liquid (Dont throw it away, its yummy buttermilk!) and put into desired molds or containers. Keep in the refrigerator.

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Sheila said...

Love your blog. Who knew making butter was so easy. I'll have to try that. I remember growing up and visiting Ma-Maw and Pa-Paw--they had cows for a while and we watched them milk them then separate the cream. Ma-Maw made butter too. I wish I could cook like her. Her biscuits--actually all her food--was so delicious. I tried to get her recipes but it was "a handful of this", "a pinch of that". I told her that her hand was bigger than mine but I still didn't get actual measurements. I learned to cook watching her but baking is another story altogether--I still can't do it!!! Congratulations on your daughters wedding--have fun planning and enjoy the moment.