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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Attention! I'm back.......

I have missed you all tremendously. I miss interacting with my blogging friends and please dont worry, I have been reading all of them! I just havent h
ad the energy to create a new post. It has been one extremely busy and nervewracking year. I am going to avoid ever having to go through such madness ever again! I am just going to jump right in here and tell you the basics. My daughter is happily married as of last June. I have an amazing son in law that I wonder how we ever did without before he came into our lives. Not to mention, how happy he makes my daughter. (Grandbabies soon......? That is our prayer.) We have completed our new home and now we have been putting in a yard. Oh. My. Goodness. ALOT of work. We are preparing now for my parents 50th wedding anniversary party in April. I am an only child so I am doing all the plans. Trust me, I prefer this. It is so nice to do everything myself, it involves no one elses decisions. The year they had their 25th, they were kind of passed over because I was married July of that year. So I decided they needed, no, they deserved this party. I will surely post some pictures. Since I do try to share what I have been cooking in my "brand new super duper exactly what I wanted kitchen" I will leave you with what we are addicted to right now.This is Pioneer Womans Salsa. This tastes better than what you get at the Mexican Restaurants. An it is amazing easy. Go to www.pioneer woman.com and you will find the recipe. Please make it. You wont be sorry. Be back soon, love you all!